My path to Super-O


1. Avoid jerking off watching porn
2. Let go of control
3. Size of toy may not matter that much

Hi there, since a few weeks I got the point I can reliably summon Super-Os. So I thought it is a good idea to share what worked and what did not for me.

Like many of us, I read tons of guides, some of which were contradicting others and kept me confused. Moreover many guides are written by experts who already achieved Super-O and are somewhat harder to interpret by people who are in the beginning of the journey. I hope this will be useful.


### Jan

Received Lelo Bruno. Manual toys are oldschool and cool kids should get battery powered toys, right?

### Feb

Had around 5 sessions with Bruno while watching regular porn in front of the PC. No luck. Jerking off with vibrator in did somewhat improve orgasm but nothing to write home about. Realized I needed to research more and there is not going to be a delayed gratification thing, again.

### March

Got MGX trident. Tried steps from the wiki (breathing, contractions, CaveOfMystery method, donothing). Absolutely no pleasant sensations whatsoever. I did notice sometimes during exhale combined with some very specific PC contraction there was a “feeling”. It was not pleasurable but not unpleasant either. Motivated by some progress, decided to help my prostate awake by ordering another gadget. We all know ordering stuff online is the way for the win.

### Apr

Got NJOY PureWand. Went with the big end (did not look for easy way ~~out~~ in). On the very first session (laying on my belly) started feeling “fullness” that it was nice. Combined with breathing it felt stronger but not something I would have labeled “sexual”. Still, after 2-3 sessions I started feeling my prostate as an organ in its own right. There was precum for the first time. Seeing it oozing made me feel excited. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of logistics and prep work associated with using the wand so I decided to leave it for the time being. Now I theorized my ass is made for bigger things so ..

### Jun

Received Progasm Ice. This felt like wand but I could move it with my PC/anal muscles. That felt amazing. At first. However falling asleep with it inside made me regret my efforts morning after. Also p-tab seemed to press too hard on perineum. I was switching MGX and ICE back and forth and eventually it occured to me something was moving on its own. It took me a while to realize these were the fabled “involunteries”. However they were way different to what I imagined them to be. I thought my PC muscle would contract/release on its own so you would ‘feel’ it. But instead something just rocked aneros inside and I only felt pressure at perineum and increased heart rate. At first there these movements brought no pleasure. But after many many sessions I realized that deep relaxation and shifting my mind focus on prostate helped identify and somehow grow these sensations.

### Aug

Got Helix Syn. Compared to Progasm it offered little for “fullness” but I could hold it in for hours and fall asleep with it with no repercussions. Combined with the inherent softness of p-tab it looked like an ideal combination. I realized size did not matter that much once the prostate is awoken.

I decided to stop switching toys and focus on just one method. I also figured “do nothing” seems to be the best approach for me. With it I can get involuntaries quickly. I found out that watching porn is useless (too much distraction). What seemed to work is listening to women moaning and climaxing. I found a bunch of videos of girls masturbating, ripped the “best parts”, extracted audio and put on infinite loop on my phone. I noticed “do nothing” in a comfortable position (on my back) works really well: the movements get stronger and the whole body starts to shake. I assumed shaking was a prerequisite to orgasm so I tried to trick my body to shake as much as possible.

### Nov

I seem to have gotten stuck for a few months already. The body was shaking like crazy but shaking was destroying all the pleasant sensations. For a change I tried forcing shaking to stop. This looked pretty counterintuitive because traditional penile orgasm usually was a product of some sort of pressure that I needed to apply somewhere. Shakes seems to have fit right in. However I realized I was wrong and tried a different strategy: instead of promoting shakes just let them come and go as they wanted. After many tries I felt I was making progress again. Deep relaxation and “do nothing” helped make involuntaries bring light pleasure.

### Dec

Reflecting on my other experiences I realized jerking off in front of PC was a bad idea. I realized I got so accustomed to quickly jerking off with porn turned me into a perfect Pavlov dog.

I painfully realized I became addicted to porn and even while having sex with the woman I recalled scenes from porn to bring myself to the point of no return. It did look like jerking off with porn was the “sex fast-food” that was quickly satisfying the need for the price of robbing out of other experiencies. So I quit and decided to never jerk off to porn in 2020.

### Jan 2020

After about 2-3 weeks of no porn I realized the pleasant sensations got much stronger. However I kept on feeling I was circling the drain and was not quite there yet. This was frustrating. I was advised to drop all expectations and just enjoy it. So I did my best to do just that but it still did not move the needle to bring me the release I was after. Still, I was experiencing strong involuntary contractions. Sometimes my abs muscles would contract as well. My heart rate would approach 180-190 bpm. But still not quite what I was looking for.

This all changed a week or so back when I remembered just one piece of advice I read somewhere: “let go”. It turned out “letting go” is not easy. When my heavy contractions started I needed to make a conscious effort to let my body do what it wants. I realized part of me was always scared of losing control. I tried my best to let my ego release control and things started moving in the right direction again. Sensations started getting so strong I could not keep my mouth shut. I started screaming really loud during my sessions. My cats immediately jump off the bed when they see me getting under the sheets. I knew this was definite progress, but was it a Super-O?

Recently I realized I was having Super-Os already for a while. It is just that once you “hit the peak” your climax lasts for maybe 10 seconds. Then you can “fall down” and feel some release. Or you can fall just a little bit and stay in a plateau. It can last for minutes, and then you can go up again or fall down further. But you never go back to 0 as you do with penile orgasm (I would say you go negative after traditional orgasm).

I found out that by bringing up sexy images in my mind I can steer the process to a certain extent. Of course there is no direct control. This is more like “you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink”.

Anyway, my sessions can last for hours. However my body gets tired after just a few (I literally lost some weight because of elevated heart rate). So I finish with regular masturbation and fall asleep. If I do not jerk off my prostate is buzzing the next day but haven’t got A-less yet.

Thanks for reading and good vibes!



  1. Nice ! One question is if I don’t watch porn, I don’t get p waves… Still try without it?

  2. Wow – super write up and greatly appreciated. I have more to learn and not a lot to share at this point.

    Thanks again for sharing,

  3. Excellent report! I am following a similar path, but only with different stimulators from Aneros. I started with the Helix Trident, then the Eupho Trident, the Progasm Jr and lastly the MGX Trident. The progression is in stages and it’s a real pleasure to go through these stages and reach a higher level of pleasure each time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a super-O, but the journey itself is extremely enjoyable.

  4. I’m really interested in your audio preferences, since I can relate to them. The GWA that is so often references does not do it for me, because the stories in them are too distracting. Simple authentic female moaning noises can really get me going. Can you give some links, or perhaps even share some of your own tracks somehow?

  5. > but haven’t got A-less yet.

    Terrific share here about Mastering the Game.

    Friendly Challenge: think you’re ready to move next level, go A-Less!

    Would welcome hearing your experience.

  6. Thank you OP. currently on this same journey for months as well. Working the MGX right now, and for the first time today I started having involuntary starts to explosions but nothing beyond a start. It all happened when I snuck in the tool before I went to the store… the car ride there was something new. Very turn and bump sent vibrations all over my p spot. I don’t live very far from the store either so the ride didn’t last to long. When I got to the store the sensations continued and I almost had to walk out in fear of having my first big O there in the cereal isle. They never amounted to beyond some starts to something and ultimately I ended up home. I found the do nothing method does more for me as I too have followed the instructions to no culmination. I know something is awakening but it does take time and practice I’m learning.

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