I think I was on the verge of super o

I began to feel series of orgasmic sensations increasing significantly in strength from the prostate area, and spreading across the area widely…. Very pleasurable

Later I lost it but when I cum with masturbation to finish the session, I noticed that wet orgasm pleasure was less than the dry orgasm build up I had. So definitely dry orgasm is more pleasurable…. Can’t imagine how super o pleasure will be

Ive been trying for about two years now. Hopefully I reach super o this year

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/eusnld/i_think_i_was_on_the_verge_of_super_o/


  1. A little advice, chill out and learn to enjoy what you are experiencing. You didn’t “lose” anything. Stop JO’ing to ejaculation every time you have a session and learn to recognize the arousal. Let your body learn to have the “orgasm” without the ejaculation and you will experience the orgasm with the physical response of full ejaculation, and with the full muscle spasms of ejaculation, just “dry”.

    Once you quit “chasing a super o” you will understand. YMMV

  2. One of the most difficult aspects of learning prostate orgasms is learning to FULLY relax both mind and body. It just takes practice, not weeks, but months, and into years. Sorry, there isn’t a simple shortcut, but practice makes perfect… YMMV

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