Newbie experience a great night !

Hi everyone just thought I’d say I had a great time with the Progasm which is my first Aneros(I had a cheap vibrating massager before but that didn’t work out)

My experience so far:

First time was great I didn’t really know what I was doing but went with the flow. I was worried this was beginners luck after reading the forums.

2nd attempt despite now being really keen, absolutely nothing I couldn’t replicate the auto-pilot my body went into the first time it felt forced and I gave up.

3rd attempt success ! I used the same technique as last time with contracting as I exhaled but this time I stopped trying to control it and focused on sensation and It eventually took on a mind of its own. I felt like I’d lost control squirming and moaning till I could take no more( I never normally make any sound masterbateing) I think “auto fuck” is the closet description with my body wanting to contract harder and harder with no consciouse effort.

This was such a more powerful and full bodied experience than ejaculation a great product 🙂



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