Making progress, but still not sure what im doing wrong

I had a session using my aneros helix syn today for around 2 hours. Completely relaxed, I stared to feel things rather quickly, I could feel a light tingling feeling/numbness coming from my prostate and penis. This was on and off rather randomly for an hour and a half I imagine. Eventually I discovered if i pushed the aneros up towards my belly with my muscles and held it there (think this mightve had to do with holding my breath) I could feel a buildup in my prostate and what I thought was in my stomach too. This buildup was slightly stronger than the small feelings I had before and quickly went away. I also put my butt up on a pillow and it didnt seem to become much better.

Im confused to what im doing wrong however. People have told me to relax and just let the aneros do its thing and to not tense up, yet they have also told me to not “do nothing”. I dont know what to do now when i start to feel these sensations building, keep doing the contractions exactly like I am? Try and push the aneros closer against my prostate? Or just stop doing things and let the aneros do what it wants?



  1. Try to think of your aneros as its own entity, let it do what it wants and enjoy the feelings. Imagine what it looks like inside of you as it moves and feel the movements you imagine. Also once you TRY to do something, like use muscles to push it up towards your stomach, you lose it and your focus. If you do ANY muscle tightening or relaxing make sure they are very subtle and light, try to roll the clench into the relaxing over and over very softly and soon after you will feel as if it’s the aneros moving itself. Also helps to have some binaural beats on the background. A lot of times your body will work the aneros with the music. Haven’t had a super o yet but if you try not to have a super o and just enjoy the feelings and relaxation you will see more progress

  2. Yeah moving is killing it for you. Mine did that. I just layed there. Sometimes I would circle(small circles) my hips like I was playing with a hula hoop. That seemed to help and not kill the p waves. Anytime I would go voluntarily more extreme the sensations quit. Less is more in my opinion.

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