Recognizing a prostate orgasm?

I’ve had an Aneros — one of the basic models — for years now, but I’ve generally only used it when I’m doing things with my wife. I finally decided “What the hell” and tried giving the HFO a shot.

Until last night, I’ve not had much luck. I’ve been practicing my muscle control but it’s still very difficult for me to clench in a gradual and controlled fashion. It feels nice, but it doesn’t do much beyond that. Plus, for some reason it’s sometimes difficult for me to remain hard when I’m being penetrated: I have to be *very* turned on for that, and concentrating on the aneros makes it difficult to maintain that level of arousal.

But last night, I put it in early and left it in place for an hour or two ahead of time. We had some pot last night, and I was feeling nice and relaxed, and was in just the right mind space to keep myself good and hard. And then something happened. I was convulsing a little, making noises that I don’t normally make, but it didn’t feel…orgasmic. It felt really good, but not nearly at the level of a full-blown orgasm. Nor was it as satisfying as a regular orgasm, not by a long shot.

So, not sure. Am I on the right track, do you think? And what can I do to achieve something better?



  1. It’s confusing, isn’t it? I’ve had what you describe. I like it… But it never feels like what I want to end things on. It’s usually just as you describe, but I’ve had it end with a wet orgasm once. Is that the super O? No idea.

    I’ve found the less I think about it, the better things go. Some sessions are better than others, but that always hold some truth for me. Because you’ve mentioned it, pot helps however once I realized this it almost created an expectation when I did it. Also, being hard is not always the case for me and in fact to get the most from prostate stimulation it’s best to avoid focusing on traditional penile sensations. However, those times when I’m having a session and suddenly get hard… Those are generally when I know something is going right.

    Just my two cents

  2. Next time: Consider the Do Nothing approach. No muscle control, no clenching, no touching. Instead, lay still, meditate, dial in on the sensations, pulses. Essentially, listen to the Whisper.

  3. That’s the beginning. Now you just relax and concentrate on those good feelings. They will come in bigger and bigger waves.

    It’s important to just relax here. Don’t force anything. Let the aneros just fuck you by itself. You don’t have to get hard either. Just let the aneros do its thing while you relax, watch a little porn, smoke a little pot and just enjoy the feelings. No need to flex kegles or any of that. Just relax.

    When the orgasms hit, it’s just a more magnified version of those waves. Literally feels like you are coming but no ejaculate and each orgasm hits for around 2-3 minutes with maybe 30 seconds in between but that can vary. Each wave is around 10 minutes but again, that can vary.

  4. To emphasize, concentrate on the good feelings. Feel where they are coming from. At some point it will feel like the aneros is Jack hammering your prostate. That’s when it gets goooood.

  5. I think it’s interesting to note that I believe the super o is very similar in how women experience an orgasm.

  6. You are on the right track. It started off with little things with me at first. Just enough to make me come back for more. Each time I would go a little further. Except for a few occasions I made progress each time. However I don’t maintain an erection. I wouldn’t get to hung up on that . I get hard then it goes away. Just like waves in the ocean it comes and goes and gets bigger with time. I wouldn’t go long between sessions. I would try to make time every 3 or 4 days or as often as you can. That’s when the real progress is made

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