Prostate seeming to turn off rather than on?

So I’ve been exploring prostate simulation for around 3 years, initially just with my fingers. I had some really good sessions along the way (strong p-waves and what felt like dry prostate orgasms), but I didn’t do it very often. Last year I decided to be more consistent with it and so I started doing it on average once a week instead of once a month-ish.

Pretty soon my prostate was “waking up.” Not every session was successful, but after a while I could distinctly feel prostate arousal (i.e. tingling in my taint, arousal in my rectum, prostate just craving to be touched, and even light to moderate p-waves that I could bring about just by thinking about rubbing it). Sounds like great progress, right?

However, the frustrating thing is these sensations almost always happened during the day, when I was busy and couldn’t do anything about them. Sure, they were very pleasurable, but I began to associate the sensations with “now’s not the time” and mentally trying to push them away so I could focus on work, etc.

Unfortunately, I think this began to affect my actual sessions, meaning once I had time to play, my prostate would be totally dormant and unaffected by stimulation, even if earlier in the day I had been strongly craving it. Since I kept “missing my boat” due to bad timing, so to speak, pretty soon my prostate went quiet again.

After a couple months of being stuck, I decided to get an Aneros this past black friday to help myself out of this rut. I used it regularly and made some good progress pretty quickly. One night in late December I began to feel intense pleasure as soon as I inserted the toy.

My prostate began to wake up again. However, the same exact situation happened. Craving and arousal once or twice during the day when I’m busy and can’t tend to it. Then at night, arousal is completely gone and the Aneros session fails. Now my prostate is back to being “quiet” again, and so of course my Aneros sessions aren’t really going anywhere. Maybe one small p-wave in 45 minutes.

It’s been about a month so I figured it was time to post. I think my body is confused because I’m sending it mixed signals of “now’s not the time” when it is freely offering me prostate pleasure, and then when I have the time to seek the sensations, it’s closed up shop. What can I do to reset my system, or at least help my prostate wake up again? Thanks for any feedback.


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  1. The forum is back on the website, there is a ton of similar stories, I would check them out. Everyone is going to be different, but I think you’re right and it’s all mental. I would try to embrace those sensations the next time they appear.

  2. Is there a secret place u can go lock yourself into? Perhaps the whole “getting off at work” is what is actually arousing you. You need to satisfy your prostate at work. Once you do it you will ha e beaten that goal. It wants to aroused at work because in your head you want it but can’t do it. Find a place. A secret place. Broom closet or similar. Don’t get fired. But do satisfy that itch! Sounds fun to me! 😀😀😀

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