Do nothing or do light contractions?

Been using the helix syn a few times now with little progress, and it seems the more I ask the more confused I get. People have told me to do light contractions about halfway and hold, though I will do that for 20 minutes and barely feel anything. Others tell me to simply do nothing and let the aneros work its magic, though I’m not sure if that can happen if I do nothing right from the start, and as far as I know the only involuntary contractions I have had only lasted for a few seconds when I started to feel a sort of tingling feeling coming from my prostate (whatever you want to call that). It then subsides and nothing happens. I also noticed if I push the aneros closer towards my stomach when I breath in I get a sort of warm fulling feeling in my stomach, but it’s only very minor and brief because I have to hold my breath and concentrate hard for that to happen. I think I might try the do nothing approach from the start, I just need some relaxing audio or something perhaps. Can anyone give me some tips for someone who is confused as to what I should be doing to make progress?



  1. I think instead of asking other people questions, experiment and look within for answers. It kind of sounds to me like you’re over analyzing.

    1. Work up your arousal level
    2. Insert aneros
    3. ????
    4. Profit

  2. Fill you belly up with air. Hold it. Put light pressure on your sphincter muscle then go to the PC muscle that makes you dick move. Like you are sucking the toy into your ass and squeezing something from your asshole out your dick. Do it in that order. Open sphincter (toy will dig in), clinch it, squeeze it out your dick. Like starting at the bottom of a tube of toothpaste you are working the muscles like your esophagus moves food down it. Do it lightly. Then at times hold the muscle that holds pee back. Hold that as long as you can. Then start over. Do it lightly then move to heavier. Then lightly. Then heavy again. U will start to get pleasure waves. I thought clinching harder would make the waves stronger. In fact it didn’t. Go light. Make your prostate beg for it. Withholding what the prostate wants is what will drive you wild. Then let it have its way with you!

  3. Don’t waste your time and money on toys. Your fingers will do a way better job.

    Strongly contract your muscles as if you were trying to hold your pee and shit at the same time. Use two fingers to massage your prostate with a up and down movement. At some point your prostate will stay contracted by itself and you’ll start feeling something, this is when you reverse by contracting, even more strongly, your muscles as if you were trying to pee and shit at the same time. While doing that, move your fingers massaging your prostate as quickly as possible.

    You should reach your orgasm easily and quickly this way. The important part is contracting your muscles. After you reach your orgasm, don’t stop, restart quickly from the beginning. You’ll keep getting new orgasms.

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