Prostate Orgasms are Real

I’ve had pleasure before and it was very novel and different but not overwhelming or that intense and wondered if that was the “orgasm” people talk about. Last night I had two or more super O’s and they were very, very strong orgasms. O M G. When you have it you’ll know…

It seems like there was a lower level of orgasm that is centered on the prostate, and that feels good and all and is worthwhile in itself. Maybe multiple kinds – I identified one where my asshole area in particular feels warm and pleasurable, and a different feeling where it is more internal in the prostate, or maybe these are the same it is hard to tell. And in general during these “lower level” pleasurable prostate feelings it is sort of hard to differentiate between a high level of arousal and orgasming. But then during one of these my arousal went even higher and the cumming feeling sort of raised up and surrounded myself and I had a full body, much more intense, extremely distinct orgasm. Complete with the feeling of inevitability and pressure release of sorts, which was largely missing from the “lower level” orgasms.

My ejaculatory orgasm I have at the end of sessions still fees more intense, and it is like a combination of prostate and penis orgasm, but it is different. In other ways the super o / prostate orgasm is more overwhelming and pleasurable despite being less intense if that makes sense. And it lasts much longer.

I noticed a pattern where after an intense orgasm I would very quickly be able to have another, but after the second it would take a while before I could have another.

It really is true that focusing on the current pleasure and lack of expectations or trying to force it helps. On the other hand for the super o I did feel like I clenched a little harder a forced it a little bit and it helped, but maybe I was already on the way there and it didn’t matter what I did. At other times relaxing would counterintuitively increase the pleasure and it felt like tensing was holding it back.

One thing that seems critical to me that I don’t see mentioned is having my legs together and lightly squeezing them together. This seems to apply a pleasurable pressure to the prostate and maybe helps keep the aneros in line.

I am having a great degree of aless pleasure since, though no super os or anything. But during the night I woke up and it was like my prostrate was hungry.



  1. Also I felt that playing with or holding my penis helped sometimes, mainly it boosted arousal. Too much would sort of transition my body to penis mode and I wouldn’t feel the same prostate pleasure anymore, but just a bit and then letting go or just holding it would boost arousal and help jump start things. If I didn’t touch my penis for too long I think my arousal level would eventually drop too much. It certainly doesn’t seem like you have to completely ignore your penis like some guides say.

  2. Some more informations to share:

    Like many others have reported I found using weed to greatly increase my arousal and prostate sensitivity. I am a daily user anyway and it is probably not necessary but it is certainly awesome and I recommend trying it, as well as trying it with regular masturbation or sex.

    Sometimes I had massive body shakes but to me they weren’t very pleasurable and didn’t seem correlated with the orgasm. You can sort of ignore body shakes IMO – I would not try to boost body shaking or anything.

    During one of the super os I distinctly remember feeling like the Aneros was ducking me hard during and after orgasming and it was awesome. That was my most intense orgasm, maybe the only super o or just the best one? But this did not always happen when I got pleasurable feelings.

  3. I have to say that I agree with everything you have said in this post as well as your couple of comments directly below! Your mind-blowing experience sounds very similar to mine! I to date have only had a few super o’s as have only just recently been able to “get there”.

    For myself, yes the pot helped, but also I put a We-Vibe Pivot around the head of my cock and use my phone to control it. I edge myself simultaneously keeping my cock aroused but not at the point of orgasm… and only a few times during the session. It helped me to just cross that line…. Didn’t use it for my cock to erupt…. just to keep me at that edge. Combining that with my aneros toy gave me my first Super O and was able to have a couple more within 10-20 mins after the first one, even without using the pivot.

    If you are not sure what that toy is, here is a link:


  4. Glad to hear this. I myself have had some of the lower level orgasms you talked about that are centred on the prostate, but don’t really feel much different or as good as a regular penile orgasm or anything. I even asked myself, because it has kept happening and I haven’t experienced anything else yet, is that it? Any tips you think you can give me? I get those same lower level orgasms every time but can’t seem to get much more or really know how to progress.

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