Insertion depth of Aneros

Been using the helix trident for about a month. Get some decent feelings and learning a lot. However it sticks out an inch when inserted. Even when I clench it only pulls it in a little more. I understand we are all slightly different and my personal anatomy plays a factor.
But how deep should I expect the helix trident to stick out in a relaxed or clenched state?
I have read on the forums (when they were working) some guys need a bigger unit. I went with the Helix due to it be recommended beginner model. I like it but want to be sure it is the right one for me. The MGX looks nice but is only .08 inches longer. The Progasm is .68 inches longer but also much bigger throughout, which is slightly concerning. I’m sure it is easily worked up to though.

Side question: Anyone know what’s up with Aneros forums?

Thanks guys for any advice and help!



  1. Interesting question, sadly I’m a noob and can’t really comment on it. I own the Helix Syn Trident and the MGX Trident (thought it would be a good idea to try one of the “hard” plastic ones to see if that changes something). So far I get involuntaries for the first like 15mins and then it stops and I never can’t get the sensation back. I’m doing something wrong probably… haven’t read about people having those issues ….

  2. I would stay with what you have. Once your body starts to accept the toy it will suck it all the way in. There is a indention for it to not go all the way in. When aroused it will slam itself in and the p tab will be pressing against your sweet spot in no time. Good luck. Don’t quit trying!

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