Using Aneros While Sleeping, Triggering Out of Body Experience

After 2 hours of sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night. I prepped up, put the aneros in. Playing erotic audio and doing one hour session. After that I just went sleep with aneros on.

After a few moments, maybe between sleep, the prostate zing, and suddenly triggering out of body experience. Only lasted for a few seconds while I also half unconscious. After that I dozed off to sleep and dreams.

I will try this again and see what might happens.

Anyone has this kind of experience?


4 comments on “Using Aneros While Sleeping, Triggering Out of Body Experience

  1. Well, some people say that when they are completely relaxed, they fall asleep and that ends the session with aneros.
    For me it’s different: when I’m relaxed and fall asleep while using the anero, usually I’ll wake up due to some contractions and prostate zing because the arousal continues even when I’m asleep, just like you described.
    But I never had any out of the body experiences.

  2. I had some of the same experiences. In fact that’s when I made the connection of being totally relaxed. I was tired that day. Playing tantric music. And then it felt like I was getting shocked. Afterwards I always tried to use the toy only when completely relaxed. Trust me when I say if your mind is elsewhere you will not feel a thing. The toy is about Mind, body and soul. You must be in total control of your emotions and let things go. This toy actually saved my marriage and helped me understand myself and my wife’s needs. Very therapeutic. We practice Yoga now. Tantric massages. We understand each other now. Heck my wife is now able to have multiple ogasms now and even squirt which she was never able to before. This is a journey you are on. And you are tapping into what many of us already now but so few men know about. Enjoy the new healthy journey you are on! Good luck and may you be blessed with self love and happiness! PS- I don’t sleep with mine any more. I needed the rest. But I now turn the TV off and play tantric music through my Bluetooth speaker. It is way healthier.

  3. I’ve slept with nearly every single aneros model. Multiple times. I usually play at night and sometimes I get just too relaxed and zonk out. Most of the time I’ll wake up 2-4hrs later, remove it and go back to sleep. The Tempo and Eupho I have kept in for full 8hr sleeps.

    Guess what happened to me? Nothing. I never ever ever have these wake up to orgasms that people talk about. Maybe I’m too heavy of a sleeper.

    I guess this could be dangerous if you move around a lot but I’ve never had any discomfort.

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