1. I hate to tell you, but this sounds normal. It took me multiple tries to even get to a place where I was like “is that my prostate?” It took me months to get to a place where I was sure it was my prostate… and more than a year to get to something I might call a small orgasm.

    Now, I can sit on my couch with no aneros and squeeze my pelvic floor muscles and make myself have a dry orgasm that makes me quiver and moan. But, it was the aneros that taught me what I was supposed to be feeling to make it happen.

    Nothing in my life has taken me this much practice to get results. And yet, the results have been worth it.

    Good luck!

  2. Normal for the at least the first few times. It takes practice. Read the forums on aneros.com as there a few different methods you can try and see if one works for you. I kept trying and was getting nowhere until I read the forums, tried some different methods, and did kegels everyday for a while. You have to learn your different pelvic muscles and strengthen them to get the most out of it. It’s more complicated and subtle then just clenching and unclenching.

    Clenching too hard often makes the sensations difficult to locate and build. Most people clench unconsciously when not totally relaxed and comfortable with something in their ass. I would suggest that next time you do it, do nothing but focus on your breathing and getting comfortable with the toy in you. Don’t try for orgasm or pleasure, just focus on relaxation and your breath. Being able to relax is really key. Once you relax sufficiently stuff will just kind of happen on its own and then that can be built upon. It’s work but it’s soooo fucking worth it once you figure it out. Good luck!

  3. The answers given here are correct. For me, I had my first mini orgasm after 6 sessions. And since then, the sensations are getting better and better with more or less long stages.
    What I can say is that all this time spent taming these feelings is really worth it. Now, after 6 months of regular practice, I have wonderful orgasms almost every session.

  4. Took me 4 years to get there. It’s a looooong process of rewiring. Erections are irrelevant for this.

  5. Concentrate on the sensations. Meditate on them, even! The point is to feel pleasure from your prostate and really to enjoy it.

    Prostate orgasms aren’t forced or pushed towards like ejaculation. It’s more like relaxing into bliss.

  6. 99% of the time I don’t get erection and feel orgasm. That is normal and it takes one to two years

  7. Aneros is like trying to open a lightswitch with a 10 feet pole. It could work, but it’ll take an unnecessary amount of time and effort.

    You’ll be better served by just massaging your prostate with your fingers. But to get good results, you need to contract your pubococcygeus muscle as strongly as you can while massaging.

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