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  1. If i were you, i would just go for a nice walk outside and would breathe some fresh air.
    Maybe next time with your prostate you can go “only” for an hour and … be gentle with it? 😘

  2. Yes I usually find I’m more prone to this after a good session. It will subside over hours or days. Just relax. Get some fresh air and exercise. Focus on other things.

    The “aless” (for aneros less) orgasm is a thing too. If you focus on it you might learn to control it. I think it just proves how natural it all is, that you can do it without the device… and the Aneros is basically just a training tool that teaches you how to do something you’ve always been able to.

  3. What have YOU already tried to get through this? The solution is on you, you cant rely on us to fix this. Offer solutions sure. Walking, exercising, or otherwise distracting yourself by focusing on other things are great solutions. Have you put your energy into any of them? Yoga or Qigong are good for managing energy.

    Lendari offered the best advice. Take this as an opportunity to rewire your brain to be able to naturally have aneros’less orgasms. Learn how to control it yourself 🤔

  4. This is common and happened to me awhile back as a newbie. Some of the aless feelings & off & on involuntaries were pretty strong. When I was in the mood for a session, I tried not using the aneros & was able to orgasm on several occasions. Some of the aless orgasms were stronger than the aneros ones. They’ll gradually taper off over time. Nothing to worry about. Just enjoy them if they’re pleasurable. Good luck. 🙂👍

  5. If its interfering with you daily life, you can masturbate and things will generally subside.

    Edit: auto correct is a bitch.

  6. Something to consider is that this is a muscular area you’re playing with. Would you expect to feel some twitches after working out your arms for *three* hours? Of course!

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