First orgasm?

I think I might have finally reached an amazing level of pleasure.

So normal I get this pulsing in my prostate area, however yesterday for the first time I got this sudden rush of blood through my body, my penis went hard and the pulsing extended throughout my entire body… it felt amazing.

Those who have got there before is this similar to what you experienced, just a pulsing through the entire body and a place of pure bliss.

Sore today

I’m feeling a bit of discomfort in the prostate area, probably used the toy 5 days in a row, my plan is to relax for a few days and give it a break. Is it normal to hurt a bit?

Waves building?

Hi guys – so after an hour of using it last night and having contractions I felt like a large contraction followed by a wave that went upwards in my body this kept happening.

Are these the Pwaves ppl speak of?

Now what / do I just left then build and build?

Just cant get over the ‘’line’’

Hi Guys,

So after using the ANEROS for about 1 month, i am now at a point where in my sessions the following happens.

Get involuntary contractions, they build over about an hour. Feels good. Eventually, I start shaking, my heart beats fast, my erection gets rock hard but then…… no orgasm? Like although its feels good, i feel like there is no release and eventually after the session feel unsatisfied and resort to jerking off.

I’m asking this because i know a lot of people mention there is not edge per say to go over, but then how to do I step into a zone where i feel a release of some sort.

I do my absolute best to tell my self to relax and just let the feeling build, but after i start shaking i almost get ‘’stuck’’ at that point.

I suppose my question is this the end or is there more pleasure I’m missing i.e. will it get better……. and how do i get there.

10 days later – bit anxious and shaky no more contractions

Hi All –

So if anyone followed my last post, its about 10 days since i used the ANEROS for the first time.

10 days later i am still very anxious and have this nervous shakily feeling. The anal contractions have subsided.

Do you think the general feeling of anxiety i am having now has anything to do with the ANEROS or all in my mind?



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Unsettled post first Aneros use….

Hi All, i thought id come and leave a little post.

So id like to start this post by saying i am a very anxious person with a history of general anxiety disorder closely linked to health related anxiety, this started after losing a family member recently.

So this weekend i had 3 long long sessions with a new Aneros toy. During the first two sessions i felt contractions but not much more than that… then on sat eve i had 2 2 hour sessions where things escalated and i would say i either got extremely close or orgasmed hands free, although i was a little scared at the time i was actually ok.

The contractions were combined with feelings of heat, shakiness and slight nasusea id say.

Anyway fast forward 3 days and the contractions are almost gone, although when i clench (without the toy) i still get them. This makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Im walking around with a general shakiness and heat in my stomach accompanied by legs shaky and a general feverish feeling.

So i have some questions:

1) Are these symptoms in your experience 3 days later linked to my experience with the toy or rather pure anxiety symptoms?

2) Assuming they are post orgasm sensations and i have no opened this door, if i give it a little break will these feelings go away or am i stuck with this forever?

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Contractions post session

Yesterday I decided to have along 3 hour session only day two ever.
Couldn’t sleep last night and today still having involuntary contractions, is this normal? And when can I expect them to subside?

Thank you

Day after contractions

Hi I’m still getting involuntary contractions the day after with no aneros inside, I’m finding it a bit frustrating.

In your experience will these stop if I lay off the toy for a bit?


I just had a long session!
I can’t stop shaking after the session, I’m scared and can’t fall asleep from the tremors in my body. Is there a chance they’ll never stop? Has anyone ever felt this and how do you stop them so you can sleep 🙁

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