Unsettled post first Aneros use….

Hi All, i thought id come and leave a little post.

So id like to start this post by saying i am a very anxious person with a history of general anxiety disorder closely linked to health related anxiety, this started after losing a family member recently.

So this weekend i had 3 long long sessions with a new Aneros toy. During the first two sessions i felt contractions but not much more than that… then on sat eve i had 2 2 hour sessions where things escalated and i would say i either got extremely close or orgasmed hands free, although i was a little scared at the time i was actually ok.

The contractions were combined with feelings of heat, shakiness and slight nasusea id say.

Anyway fast forward 3 days and the contractions are almost gone, although when i clench (without the toy) i still get them. This makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Im walking around with a general shakiness and heat in my stomach accompanied by legs shaky and a general feverish feeling.

So i have some questions:

1) Are these symptoms in your experience 3 days later linked to my experience with the toy or rather pure anxiety symptoms?

2) Assuming they are post orgasm sensations and i have no opened this door, if i give it a little break will these feelings go away or am i stuck with this forever?

3) I read somewhere that if you have acute prostatitis this process can lead to septisemia, is this a real concern> and if so how do i know if i have prostatitis?

4) I am really scare about this all but the feeling of use was mind blowing… in your opinion should i continue or leave it…

Im just so scared cos i am struggling to sleep and work, because a general feeling of body stimulation, still wondering if this was from the weekend or my normal anxiety playing with my mind.

I would love some input,


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  1. I’d say what you’re experiencing is a little of both. This will eventually fade it is not permenant. The common advice is to get some exercise and rest and pay more attention to your body next time.

    If it doesn’t feel good or feels good and bad at the same time give it some rest.

  2. You’re about to get a taste of Kundalini Syndrome. You would be wise to cease your Aneros use. I knew a dude that had two weeks of constant energy flow. He was unable to sleep during this period. He stopped his Aneros use, was able to ground himself, and was able to get back to normal.

  3. You might just have some tired muscles from spending hours at something new.. A few days and you’ll be normal and stronger.

  4. The symptoms you’re describing (legs shaking, stomach weirdness and feverishness) are absolutely more likely to be anxiety because they fall into the wide category of symptoms that your generalized/health anxiety can cause. You know that you already experience the anxiety, so it’s more likely to be that than anything else especially if you’re not 100% sure about it. I am the same way. Almost every time I use prostate toys I’m **sure** I’ve damaged my prostate *definitely for sure for real this time*.

    I will say however you’re likely experiencing real muscle fatigue or awakening of the muscles specifically down there. So you’re noticing them twitch. I do experience twitching and since doing prostate stuff I’ve sort of learned the line between prostate arousal and penile. I think this is like when you learn a new word and see it everywhere, it’s just an added body sensation to your awareness. Also you just get familiar with the muscles down there, like I can isolate my pc muscles from the specific anal muscles for contracting which is kinda wild. So long story short you’re fine and don’t worry too much about it! ((also I saw the comment about Kundalini syndrome and as someone who regularly over the past few years has played with his prostate it’s nonsense imo so don’t freak out about it I know it can sound scary))

  5. I believe you need to get your mental health on track before you get your sexual health on track. You have to be relaxed to enjoy aneros. And in order to relax you have to let things go. Just like sexual assault survivors or victims of abuse, you are dealing with anguish. I was physically abused by my mother and aneros help me on my journey by turning me on to tantric style healing. I would read up on the Chakras and learn more about yourself. Read from LaylaMartin.Com or check her out on YouTube. She can help. You need to learn how to meditate etc. You must be connected with your body before your body will reward you with the aneros. Physically you may have orgasms. But mentally you may damage yourself even further. For example you may become addicted to the aneros. You must have balance in your life before the (2) sacral chakra can find balance. Please spend a few days on tantric energy and healing and study the ways. Practice breathing and yoga exercises. Focus on your body mind and spirit. Then you will be rewarded.

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