Prostate moves away on arousal?

So, I wrote about this already in the Aneros-forum but I want to make sure I get as much attention as possible because I never read about this. To not spam I just short it down here:

I used my fingers to play (after another of those “15mins and then the feelings die down” session) and from the start I had probs to reach it with my 7,5cm long fingers around that “edge” (probably the bone?) though I eventually did. First I thought my fingers slipped off the prostate but after I came by normal masturbation I noticed the prostate was alot “depper down”, I had to press really hard in to barely touch it. I think it moved away to this position:

So, is this normal under arousal? I never read about that. Do I need to see for whatever reason a doc? And ofcourse: is there a Aneros that will still work?

Thanks guys. 🙂



  1. Prostate arousal is a two way conversation. Your mind/body needs to be excited in order to essentially inflate the prostate. Engorge it with blood and seminal fluid. Then, a finger, massager, or any other object, presses on the prostate, squeezing fluid out. After that, your body needs to still be excited enough to fill the prostate back up. There is a rhythm you need to find.
    In your case, it sounds like you pressed the prostate and simply failed to fill it back up. This is why it feels further away. It is always there, it just might be smaller at the moment.
    This is all perfectly normal in the learning process. There is nothing wrong with your prostate or the aneros, you just need to find the right combination of muscle movements and relaxation.

  2. I tried yet again a big cushion under the ass and also the laying on the right side (left leg knee at 90° to the body) didn’t help either.

    The Helix was even less effective this time… only had slight sensations….

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