7 comments on “Took 2 years but it finally happened

  1. I don’t think it’s a physical thing u seem to be trying to hard to force something to happen and by doing that nothing will happen when using an aneros don’t chase the feeling let them come to you

  2. Thank you OP, I’ve been on this journey as well for almost six months and nothing. I have the MGX and the Progasm, feel differences in both, and sometimes I feel pleasure, but like when a fuse is wet — it just vanishes. I’ve tried MGX -> Progasm, nothing. “Do nothing” approach as well as following the instructions. It all seems random at this point.

    Any pointers? TIA

  3. What is the frequency of your sessions? And did you notice anything different in the ones leading up to or the session in which you finally had one or has it more or less just came out of nowhere?

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