Pedaling My Prostate

I’d been experimenting with my Aneros using a combination of the relaxing and alternating clenches/kegels methods for about a month. Usually I would do this while listening to a Nimja erotic hypnosis I learned about on this subreddit. So thanks for that recommendation

Along the way, had experienced some great P-waves that – over a long session – could leave me feeling as sweaty and glowing as great sex with a man and I noticed that these would often be aided by either shifting my weight from leg to leg or pushing into a pillow.

Thinking about those motions, I realized there was an activity that created them automatically: riding an exercise bike. So i inserted the Aneros and set about my workout.

Happy surprise – the rhythmic motion of the legs and pressure of the seat created a gentle, constant stimulation that left me with several intense P-wave moments over the course of a little over an hour.

As with most of my sessions, I prefer to finish with an ejaculatory orgasm, and I’ll tell you: by the time I got off the bike I was so hot and bothered, it was moments before I was ready to blow.

It’s definitely a departure from more “stillness” related methods but if you are looking for a more active, different kind of meditative state in which to ride that pony, give it a try. 🚲😊💦


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  1. I tried a more active thing, too: sat in front of the computer, legs stretched out on a footbench. And I actually watched some porn that was pretty arousing for me. It worked very well, I got involuntaries after like 30secs after insertion. Despite the sessions on the bed that ended after 15mins they already ended after like 8mins…. I suspect my arousal was so high that it happened earlier this time? I noticed the prostate “moves in” too far for fingers and probably the Aneros (MGX Trident and Helix Trident Syn)…. I never read about that kind of thing before…. so I’m clueless what to do…..

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