Just cant get over the ‘’line’’

Hi Guys,

So after using the ANEROS for about 1 month, i am now at a point where in my sessions the following happens.

Get involuntary contractions, they build over about an hour. Feels good. Eventually, I start shaking, my heart beats fast, my erection gets rock hard but then…… no orgasm? Like although its feels good, i feel like there is no release and eventually after the session feel unsatisfied and resort to jerking off.

I’m asking this because i know a lot of people mention there is not edge per say to go over, but then how to do I step into a zone where i feel a release of some sort.

I do my absolute best to tell my self to relax and just let the feeling build, but after i start shaking i almost get ‘’stuck’’ at that point.

I suppose my question is this the end or is there more pleasure I’m missing i.e. will it get better……. and how do i get there.

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  1. The thing is that there is not a “release” per se. You just get to a point where the feeling is so strong there is the only thing you can pay attention to. And you ride it “off”, sometimes more violently than others, sometimes wet, mainly dry. Then it goes quiet for a little bit before spiking again. How many times can you ride it off is where the fun is at. It gets better each consecutive wave so you may feel like stopping if gets too strong.

    Stop trying to control every detail and let those sensations grow bigger by themselves until you can barely handle yourself instead of seeking a release is my tip to you. (•‿•)

  2. Thanks so much, so you think I haven’t reached that “peak” yet and must just try ride them higher? Until it’s amazing!

  3. Just my observation. If you have been doing this only a month and your regularly getting involuntaries, shakes, and mild pleasurable waves, you’re doing excellent. I say this as a 9 mo user, you’re way ahead of where I was at 1 mo. This takes time. Some guys it takes years. You,ll get there. Practice, enjoy it, & it’ll probably happen when you don’t expect it. It’ll blow your mind. Good luck.

  4. Sounds like you got over the anxious and shaky from the very long session.

  5. I think I figured it out for myself just recently. I’ve had some super intense almost out of body orgasms that have me literally moaning like my wife does when she climaxes. I’ll be looking at porn on the phone but lose my focus because I’m so caught up in the feeling. Everything written in the feed is absolutely right… the waves come and then subside but then come back. Seems like 10 minute intervals for me.

    What seems to work for me is to insert the Aneros sometime midday for an hour or so (i work from my house which makes this easy). This seems to prime me for an evening session.

    At night I’ll insert the Aneros and do some work on the computer. I also use a seat cushion… I’ll sit there for awhile with steady pressure in the Aneros. I can shift it by shifting in my seat. If I kick my feet up I get another angle to explore. I usually can find a spot that feels really good, then it goes off from there.

    Usually I then switch to an Njoy knockoff I got on amazon. Holy shit. The combination of toys really seems to do it for me.

    Sounds like you’re on the right track though!

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