Question about the vice 2?

I’ve been thinking about getting the vice 2 in the future someday, mostly just for the fact that it’s longer and wider (and I believe my helix sun is having trouble getting to the prostate) and that I think this will make it easier to stimulate the prostate. I’m wondering though, is the stimulation you get from it purely from the vibration function? Are you supposed to do contractions for a bit or something and then turn on the vibe when you want, if so which vibe setting do you start with? I’m also a little worried about the size of it, while I feel it will do a better job of reaching my prostate I’m not sure if I’m capable of handling the size of it both inserting and removing.


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  1. I’ve been researching it for a while, literally just ordered one, and it seems people say you can use it for either. Some people say they don’t really even use the vibration, or turn it on and off throughout the session so it doesn’t start numbing you. If you’re not using the vibrations it’ll act the same as the Progasm would but with a different material.

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