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Long time lurker here. I have been using prostate massagers consistently for the last year. Originally I was using the Lelo Hugo until about two weeks ago when I purchased the helix syn trident and a Vice 2 after I felt like I plateaued with the Hugo.

With this new purchase, I am also trying something new: not finishing with a traditional orgasm after each session.

I have pretty much had sessions daily for the last nine days with the Vice 2 and/or the helix syn trident.

I am having amazing sensations and feel closer and closer each session and am really enjoying these new toys.

My question really comes down to this: after each session, or after the buildup after all of these sessions I still have no desire for a traditional orgasm.

Are the sessions satisfying that urge? Is something else happening? Is milking the prostate replacing the need to ejaculate? Just looking for some insight or anyone with a similar scenario

Thanks all

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  1. I have two sexual inclinations now. Sometimes I want to come with my dick and sometimes I want the attention on my prostate. There is a lot of overlap, but they are different feelings and desires.

  2. like what [BiPolyology](https://www.reddit.com/user/BiPolyology/) said, there are 2 desires. one is the multiple full body, prostate orgasm, and one is the ejaculation. when one over power another, u will experience the feeling that you dont feel like cumming or that u feel like cumming. but i also realize those 2 desires can be combined, when u are experienced enough and have enough control of your PC muscle. i realise the desire to ejaculate is really u just want to feel the traditional pleasure of ejaculation orgasm, that specific pleasure when u are about to cum or when you cum is somewhat hardwired in us more or less. so when you have enough control, u can combine the 2 desires. your anus will stay at a “push out” contraction while u are edging your penis, and the sensation will just stay there without going past the point of no return. u just keep stimulating your penis without stopping, and u feel like u wana cum but u cant, since pc muscle contracts and get ready for ejaculation, and if your pc muscle is push out, u physically cant ejaculate. u can do this when u find the balance between the push out and the pleasure before the point of no return. when the push and pull are in balance no one is stronger than another, u will obtain that endless sensation right before the point of no return.

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