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  1. depends on what you are after really. I have an older MGX style. its a bit smaller to get started. and does not vibe. if you are a beginner might be the way to go.

    the vice 2 has a bit more girth, if you think you are ready for that and it does vibe.. so there is that point.

    I have a vibe toy that i can hook on to the k tab so i feel the sensations up inside. So if i want to have more of that feeling. i can when i want

  2. A good all around starter is the Helix Trident. I have an older Helix Syn and still use it regularly. I won’t use vibrating toys hardly because they cover up the sensations I’m trying to focus in on. Just my humble opinion. Good riding ! 🙂👍

  3. I’ll be honest…I recently bought those exact same two toys 2 weeks ago. I was paying extra for shipping so I just bought what I wanted in one go.

    They are completely different!

    Helix Syn Trident:
    This is so much better than my old Helix Classic. Leaps and bounds better. It is very subtle and I usually use it after using the Vice 2 or when I go to bed. With some deep breathing and dedication, it has been amazing.

    Vice 2:
    Lots of people talk about how vibrating devices detract from the experience. However, I am loving the Vice 2! It has more girth and length than the Helix and I find it to be a great warm up toy. I get completely different sensations from other toys. It also gets my leaking immediately. You can turn off the vibes and just enjoy the size of the thing like a normal aneros. I have the classic Prograsm, but the Vice 2 is much more comfortable with its silicone

    If you are honestly considering both, I would recommend, if possible, getting both! They are very different but each offer their own sensations.

    I’m of the belief, currently, that the Vice gets me more warmed up for the more subtle actions of the Helix Syn trident, so they kind of work together for me

  4. I have a Helix Syn and a Maximus classic. I love the filling and stiffer feel of the Maximus and I love the softness and the precision of the Helix. Choice varies day to day. I do not feel vibration would be that useful atm for me.

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