Aneros different models and super Os

This will be a question for all aneros users who **have** super Os or dry prostate orgasms.

I am a user with no problems on having prostate pleasure. After inserting my aneros, I start feeling pleasure almost immediately from the prostate stimulation.
I also have moments where I feel pleasure that starts from my prostate and it goes in waves to all my body. That makes me think I am in the verge of a super O but never realy had one. Or even a dry orgasm, by that matter.
When my prostate is really stimulated, I get really aroused and I can have a normal ejeculatory orgasm if I want to, withou touching myself.
At this point, there is a question that pops in my mind: what if other aneros model would be more suited for me? We are all anatomically slightly different. But at the some time, maybe this is just me thinking that there is some kind of magical shortcut, other models wouldn’t make a difference and the key for having a super O is to keep doing what I am doing.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask: people who have super Os, dry orgasms, what model do you use? Do you have different models? Can you achieve super Os with one model and not with other or do you think it makes no difference?
I’m just curious, thanks in advance.



  1. I personally believe when you unlock the different orgasms I believe you can use any model. I started about two months ago and now own 3 different models. Reason was just like you suggested. At first I had struggles. So bought another style. But then discovered the secret and then Viola! They all worked. I then purchased the Progasm last week and I am in love with it. I can get a super O with all the toys. It’s kind of like riding a bike. Once you get it you just get. However certain things will still affect you. IE interruptions, sickness, stress, etc. Some days it just won’t happen if you have those distractions. So keep going with what you got or buy another style. Doesn’t matter in my opinion

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