Some advice needed please!

Hello guys,

so i just had my first prolonged session with an aneros (ca. 40 minutes) after reading the wall of text in some comments here and the wiki and i am incredibly exited because i could really feel *something* happening. It was slight but it was my first try after all. (ended because i came frome my dick rubbing on the blanket…. go figure)

My Question;

it seems i cannot “decouple” my sphincter and pc muscle. No matter how hard i try it feels like i move either both at the same time or none. Is it crucial for success to be able to control them seperately? If so, does anyone have any tipps on how i would be able to train myself? On this specific issue i could not find any threads/advice yet.

Thanks in advance for your time!



  1. My best advice for this, I will probably make a separate post with this advice.

    Follow the video below. As in do exactly what she tells you too. It is a breathing excercise that helps a ton with the Aneros, even though this video is not for the aneros. The trick is that when you breath in, contract and draw the aneros in, when you breath out, let go and relax. You should get very enjoyable and interesting sensations from this process, and I usually warm up with this video.

  2. IMO, it is not critical to control those muscles separately. The main thing is to be able to use anal contractions to control the movement of the Aneros in and out of yourself. The more control you have, the better your results will likely be. If you can already do that, and you are getting feelings from the prostate, then you are doing well, especially for your first time. You can try a number of suggestions that others have offered on this sub, until you find the recipe that works for you. Main thing, keep practicing!

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