Aneros repelling lube?

Got my aneros a couple months ago, have been trying to use it every now and then but I noticed a problem. On the main body part of it closer towards the tip there’s a spot where if I put lube it will just dry up. I don’t really know how to explain it. I will cover the entire toy in lube and notice this small dry patch, I will then specifically try and apply lube to it and I can see the lube literally disappear in front of my eyes in the particular spot on the toy. Any idea what this is or what’s might be causing it?


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  1. I will assume you are talking about a **Syn** model (maybe the Helix, the Eupho or the MGX) the black soft silicon outside is treated so it “repels” “water” (and derivates iykwim) for cleaning and cleanliness purposes.

    If your lube is getting repelled is way too watery. I would suggest to change the lube, always water based, to one of a better quality.

  2. Could be a defect in the silicone coating if you are using a syn. Try to get help or a massager exchange from Aneros.

    Personally, I changed my lube a few days ago. I now use shea butter for my greatest pleasure! It works very well.

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