how does the Vice 2 fair without the vibes on? [never owned a Aneros, looking for some general advice]


I’d consider myself somewhat experienced with butt stuff, but I only have one dedicated prostate toy, a [Tantus Prostate Play]( I’m looking to buy my first Aneros, but I’m at a crossroads because I enjoy using my prostate toys with and without vibes.

So, the Vice 2 is appealing for me since it has vibrations, but how does it fair as far as Aneros toys go without the vibes? Is it satisfying to use in the standard ‘clenching’ style that Aneros’ are known for? That’s really where my initial interest in Aneros came from, but if it can do both well then that’s rather appealing for me. If it can’t, then maybe something else would be better for me?

My next choice would probably the be Progasm for that more ‘full’ feeling, but I’m also open to suggestions. It might help to mention that I’ve always found my Tantus Prostate Play to be a bit too…. aggressive? It’s not so much the size as it is the tip, I think. I do enjoy feeling ‘full’, but I’m starting to think that might always be as necessary as I may think it is, so I’m becoming increasingly indecisive as I type this.

Appreciate any advice!


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  1. I got the Progasm for my first one and honestly it doesnt do much for me, I’m into fisting so I thought more size would be better but I think it comes down to the toy being able to move freely. I now have a Maximus trident and have had great results, and just ordered a Eupho. Not sure about the vice though but I wouldnt recommend the Progasm

  2. I’ve recently brought a vice 2, and although the vibes are great I achieve multiple p games without turning it on. It must be the shape. I switch it on and insert it. If I need a boost, I can always use the remo. So far my serious sessions have never needed it. Just follow the hints in the forums. The best one is relax, and concentrate on hat little nut. Let the little twinge slowly build up and force its wa up your bro your brain. It takes time, fortunately it happened to me after a couple of months. I can even do it now aneros free (aless) and everything people say about the sensation is absolutely correct. I continue reading other contributors comments and hints suggest everyone else that wants to achieve this wonderful sensation does the same. Thanks to those people.

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