First time user super O?

I’m not a stranger to anal play, but purchased the progasm, read some tips online, smoked a little weed and laid down, put it in, watched some porn with headphones and started Kegel exercises. Literally 20-30 minutes later i have a whole body shaking wave of orgasm, body making a v. My ab’s were sore the next day, Lasted about a minute. No ejaculation, but was completely out of breath. Did it again a couple minutes later. Is it possible to have a p-gasm first time using it? Definitely using it again.



  1. Totally different orgasm feeling by the way, not sharp and quick like when you ejaculate, more like a flood that kinda carries you along. Brains feels disconnected.

  2. Sounds like a super O to me!!! That’s the exact same thing I’ve experienced!

  3. It’s definitely possible. I had one my second or third try. What was game changing for me was weed and patience. I don’t need weed any more, and have found that the most important thing is to be ultra horny. Next most important thing is to be very patient. Put it in and just relax for at least 10 minutes. Don’t do anything but lay still and relax your entire body. Then, let the build up be gradual. I don’t use the aneros often, but when I do, I usually have 3-4 pretty intense dry orgasms with one where I finally cum at the end if I push my cock in between my legs and arch my back. Honestly, it’s pretty incredible. I’m straight, and it freaked me out to use at first, but everyone should experience the feeling at least once in their life time.

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