PFun Plug

I consider myself an advanced (between beginner and expert) aneros user. I have a MGX Trident, Tempo, Progasm, and Eupho. I have the most consistent pleasure with the tempo so I tried the eupho as it is angled and more aggressive with movement and I get nearly nothing out of it. I get the second most from the progasm.

So I ordered a Njoy Pfun plug. I love the heavy steel of the tempo and the size and aggression of the progasm, so the Pfun seems like the perfect combination.

Any users here? Any advice before my first ride? I have pretty good control of my various muscles.



  1. The only complaint I have heard is that people have a hard time keeping it in. Honestly it sounds like they “think” they have a strong pelvic floor, but may have gotten ahead of themselves.

  2. This^^^^ ……………

    It isn’t the toy…. it’s learning the muscles and relaxation.

  3. I have one. I noticed when I’m on my back, gravity can work to turn it around the wrong direction. It also can slip out when standing. It’ll test your pelvic floor strength.

  4. Ha! Njoy toys are HEAVY. Go for a short walk with one in and see how strong your ass really is, 😂

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