So I keep seeing people saying they “immediately felt good”?

When talking about first time trying out whatever their device was. Now I’m not talking full blown Os, but as if they inserted it and could instantly tell that it hit the spot, or similar.

I have the Helix Trident and while it is my first one that I’ve used maybe 5 times over the course of a month or so, I can’t really say I ever put it in and felt “yeah, it’s hitting where it should” right away. It sits in comfortably and everything, all the way no problems (the build quality really is great), but I can’t say that it measures up to what other people are saying. They make it seem like it’s working magic with some kind of trick, where it goes above and beyond what simply hitting that same spot but with fingers can do.

I’ve also seen some people say they had no luck with X so they tried Y and immediately felt a difference. Should I stick with what I have or consider getting something else if it’s like this? i’m not impatient but I don’t want to waste weeks and weeks on something that just doesn’t suit me.



  1. My first rounds did nearly nothing… I walked away thinking, was that even it?? Guess I’ll try again…

    Now I can make myself feel pretty amazing with only using my pelvic floor and no hands or toy at all. Like, don’t do that in public good. 😂

  2. Well people are different. You should not really compare yourself to others when it comes to pleasure (and probably a ton of Other things).

    Just try to imagine the following scenarios:

    You have not played with your bum at all. Maybe some light finger tapping but besides that your hole is kinda virgin. But somehow you stumbled upon a blog which claims ultra-omega-super orgasms from that one piece of plastic. You are super excited and give it a shot. The product arrives at your home, you got some free time and you start curious exploration of Feelings and pleasure.

    Now the same story but instead your expectations are super high. You had a stressy day, you can not let go of things such as work, family or whatever. Still You keep thinking to yourself that this is the Holy grail of cumming. In the end you are so caught up in your head that you literally miss the pleasure sensations that you have.

    Thats two exact same physical stimuli. But with a different context. These will result in two different outcomes. One will enjoy the Sensations in the PRESENT moment, one will live inside his head pondering over “how it should be the best ever” or thinking about literally anything else.

    Let go of expectations, let go of your mind and ego. Just go full body mode. This whole journey that you are on is 99% mental. It is Meditation – it is Feeling ones energy that originates at your root, your source.

  3. I would recommend you stick with what you’ve got for a couple of months before trying something new. While I too did experience a drastic chance in how good the sensations felt when I switched from Helix to Eupho(non-Trident), and then from Eupho to Trident MGX, it wasn’t as if I could have known within the first 2 months whether or not the Helix was for me. It took half a year or more before I decided to buy my 2nd model and an entire year after that to buy my 3rd.


    Another two things you should take into account are cleaning before your sessions and lube. I would recommend doing a quick rectal douche (note: this is very different from an enema) to flush yourself out. As for lube, I used to simply apply coconut oil liberally to the toy, and a little outside my ass. This provided enough lubrication for it to slip in comfortably, but I wasn’t seeing as much progress and toy movement as I thought I should. Things changed pretty significantly when I started using frozen coconut oil suppositories.

  4. My first couple of sessions produced dry orgasms that were centred in my pelvic region. Just a sensation of pleasure and bliss that lasted a minute or two.

    Then month after month of, well, nothing very much.

    After a while I gave up on the toy and instead just went completely “a-less”. Never aiming for anything, just trying to curb my normal urge to force an erection and jack off when I felt horny. Gradually, I noticed new sensations. Mild at first, but they just get better as time goes on. This change of tack was brought about by experiencing two mind-blowingly intense full body orgasms in the middle of the night, about a month apart. They were what proved that the toy wasn’t needed.

    As time passes, I’m getting closer to experiencing the same sensations just by lying back, relaxing and thinking horny thoughts. I don’t care how long it is before I’m hit with another of those toe curlingly pleasurable orgasms – the journey there is pleasurable enough.

  5. I started about 7 months ago with the Helix Trident doing two sessions a week. At my 5th session, I discovered that these little pieces of plastic really work. I decided to buy other models. First the Eupho Trident and then the Progasm Jr. Then a model from Malesation and finally the MGX Trident from Aneros.
    All these toys work perfectly. One important parameter is lubrification. Once I switched to shea butter suppositories, the effectiveness of the toys increased significantly. I think that once the prostate is rewired/awakened, it doesn’t matter what type of toy. I’ve never had that “immediately felt good” feeling when I first tried a model. But now I get that feeling every time I start a session.

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