Full body shaking like the exorcist. On the brink of super o, mini o? Aless quakes

I was about 30 minutes into my session. The shaking had already begun and I would get these super powerful waves and body shaking when squeezing my PC muscle. I took the aneros out, but the waves and shaking were still coming aless. I squeeze my PC muscle and my body starts shaking even more intensely. My fingers and toes were pulsating, but I couldnt move them. My vision was blurry and I was panting uncontrollably. I would instantly get an erection and start to feel the a penile orgasm feeling all over my lower body. These violent quakes would last 10-20 seconds straight, then my PC muscle would get tired and it would go back to your standard contractions. After an hour I had to take a break as I was sweating, shaking, panting, and my muscles were worn out. My legs feel like I just ran a marathon . My hands are and legs are still shaking, and I can still feel the rumbling. I think I got my first small taste of a super o. I would call it a mini o.

I have experienced moderate body shaking sensations from the aneros, but never full on exorcist, electrifying, pulsating like today. I was frozen from the sensations, completely a slave to the pleasure.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/g1g4vd/full_body_shaking_like_the_exorcist_on_the_brink/


  1. To me sounds a super o. I have similar sensations and is experience where you renew absolutely all you energy (after the exhaustings endless orgasms). It’s a little like “all you can eat”.

  2. Hot tip, try and rock the shaking in your hips side to side rather than back and forth. It can make the shaking less violent but no less pleasurable

  3. I’ve had the same experience of shaking violently and uncontrollably. I do believe that when this happens, that actually is a super o! Fantastic feeling!

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