What exactly is a P-Wave?

I’m getting really far on my journey. Had a major breakthrough today with my Helix Classic! I’ve been using the Aneros check list to track my progress. It’s been really helpful. I pasted it below. But my question is: what is a P-wave. I’m sure by this point, I’ve experienced it, but just not totally sure how to define it. Can anyone help answer?

Also, I got a hold of those recordings that someone named Brian did, so helpful, (I found links to them on here somewhere, but can’t remember where). I think these recordings are what put me over the top today. If anyone knows his handle, I’d like to thank him!

* First insertion 
* No P-tab discomfort when relaxed 
* No internal discomfort when relaxed 
* No P-tab discomfort when contracted 
* No internal discomfort when contracted 
* Generally comfortable when inserted and relaxed 
* Observation of slight good feelings 
* Slight sense of leaking 
* Slight sense of needing to urinate (contact with prostate)
* Identifiable contact with prostate 
* Doing a set of contractions comfortably 
* Holding light sphincter contractions 
* Definite leaking produced by contracting 
* Definite pleasure produced by contracting 
* Definite feeling of contact on prostate 
* Identification of “[sweet spot](http://wiki.malegspot.com/index.php?title=Understanding_Your_Body#Sweet_spot)”
* Pleasure at “sweet spot”
* No longer believing that *”…this model doesn’t fit me…”*
* Real excitement at thought of next session 
* Arousal amplification by vocalization, breathing, manual stim of secondary erogenous zones or held contractions. 
* Observation of slight involuntary contractions 
* General pleasure throughout session
* Integrating deep breathing 
* Rock hard erection 
* Twitching
* Pleasure at voluntary pelvic thrusting 
* Integrating pelvic thrusting and contracting
* Large muscle quaking (no pleasure) 
* Continuous internal pleasure 
* Definite sense of ongoing subtle involuntary contraction 
* Sense of pleasure caused by blood pulse internally 
* Moaning during sessions
* Sense of arousal moving toward something 
* **P**-wave 
* Successive **P**-waves 
* Sustained pleasure during sessions 
* Very significant pleasure during sessions
* Surprise attack of ***very*** serious pleasure 
* Involuntary clamping, without sense of climax 
* Involuntary clamping with hint of climax
* Involuntary clamping with definite feeling of light orgasm (Mini-O) 
* Disbelief that this can actually be for real 
* Aneros moving distinctly on its own, creating unexpected pleasure 
* Significant large muscle quaking with pleasure 
* Pleasurable tingling in pelvic regions outside of sessions 
* Ability to grow pleasure outside of sessions 
* Ability to leak outside of sessions 
* Sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate *”itch”*
* Ability to maneuver the Aneros to control placement of pleasure internally 
* Intensely pleasurable involuntary clamping that is clearly a Dry-O
* Chain reaction Dry-Os (O-zone) 
* Very deep orgasm distinctly centered in rectum: anal orgasm 
* Extremely intense prostate orgasm 
* Dry orgasm without Aneros (chair orgasm) 
* Aneros moving in long strokes (auto-f***), creating intense pleasure 
* Unexpected extremely strong orgasm that knocks the reality out of you: Super-O 
* Continuous Super-Os directed at different parts of the body 
* Full body Super-O 
* Multiple, sequential full body Super-Os
* Ability to have Super-Os on demand

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/g3b85i/what_exactly_is_a_pwave/


  1. As I’ve experienced it successfully once, P-Wave or Pleasure Wave is simply a state where you feel pleasure energy flowing like wave from head to toes.

    It looks like laser body scan in sci-fi movie, but it’s a pleasure.

  2. I used to chat with Brian, great guy and super hot recordings! Find myself sync’ng up to him as I listen and get carried away

  3. A p wave feels like a pit in your stomach. Butterflies. But they start in the groin and ripple out. Like dropping a pebble in water. It’s like a pebble was dropped on my prostate and the butterflies “wave” out to my torso and legs at the same time.

  4. Curious what techniques you used to get over the discomfort when inserted/contracted? Was this just practicing inserting and wearing the aneros day after day until your muscles adjusted? I used to do a lot of butt play and had some moderate success with my Helix but lately there’s just some slight discomfort in the sphincter area that distracts me from enjoying a session. As a result I’ve conceded to using the aneros as a supplemental device to augment sex with my wife and traditional masturbation on my own.

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