First P wave! Mental health benefits

In the past few sessions, I have learned how to trigger the involuntaries but I would try to force the super o. I would end up getting the full body shaking, but only with mild pleasure. I tried the “do nothing” method when the involuntaries started and it really transferred the buzzing to my pelvis and genitals. I started to get an erection and I could hear my blood rushing. The involuntaries started feeling REALLY good. The buzz of electricity went whole body and all of the sudden I got the most single pleasureful jolt of lightning of my life go through my spine. Things started to ramp down and I wasnt able to get back to that point. Most productive session yet.

Another thing I have noticed is my mental state since using the aneros. I feel so much more clear headed. I barely have the desire to watch porn anymore. It has also changed my outlook on sex and relationships. Casual sex seems so pointless now and I feel like it has removed a distraction in the process of finding a romantic partner. Im not thinking about sex so much. It is meditative, and even on sessions without much pleasure, I feel energized and clear. I dont know if its related, but I have been dreaming almost every night. I just feel more in tune with my body.



  1. It always puts me in a good mood too. I’m too depressed to use it the normal way, but when I leave it in while doing other things I feel my mood improve. I think it has to do with vagus nerve stimulation as well as prostate stimulation.

  2. True. I don’t feel like asking for sex all the time anymore as prostate orgasm feels much better

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