I finally get my first prostate orgasm but following session is a failed

I had my very first prostate orgasm about a week ago, that time was very intense feeling I never felt before, my entire body was shaking violently, I can felt the pleasure was building up in the head of my penis, eventually I can’t resist the feeling and I just jerk it off, That is the only prostate orgasm I ever ever felt

but the following session I done its completely fail, I build up a lot of pleasure and I know its almost there, but don’t know why its just stop there, every time i built the feeling its just fade away right before the orgasm

anyone can give me some tips or what should I do to improve?

I had the Helix Syn btw

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/g59zff/i_finally_get_my_first_prostate_orgasm_but/


  1. Not to discourage you, but I have never got back to the level of my first breakthrough. Not sure why not, I still get pleasure and shaking and build up but it’s rare that I have the out of this world experience that was my first HFO.

    That said, the journey has allowed me to separate ejaculation and orgasm such that when making love I can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

    That first break through tho…

  2. I know what you mean. I’ve also had a case of having a completely botched session after an extraordinary session.

    From what I’ve noticed so far, it’s that progress is made in stages. And these steps can be long at times. I’ve been “stuck” at one level for almost two months doing two sessions a week. But with continued practice, progress can only happen.

    Now, after 8 months of learning, my sessions are almost all fantastic.

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