Blue balls pain

Rewiring and didnt want to have a standard ejaculation so its been 5 days and after todays aneros session, I started to get that lower abdomen/groin pain just like when you get blue balls. Honestly really uncomfortable right now.

What should I do? Thinking I need to “clear the pipes”



  1. I would. I don’t believe in seamen retention. I have had amazing aneros sessions hours after jacking off or having sex.

    I think the only thing SR might get you is hornier and it’s true that the hornier you are the better a session can be. But being backed up with cum isn’t the only way to get Horny.

    Also the key to a good session is focus. If you’re distracted by pain you’ll never get anywhere in an aneros session.

  2. You can have an ejaculation as long as it’s not during a session. In my opinion, ejaculating outside the sessions does not disturb the rewiring.

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