Questions about lubing and my experience

Hi guys, I have used my helix syn for about 10 sessions in total now, ranging over some 3 months.

I am curious about if what I am experiencing is actually the way towards the super-O. I usually start by cleaning myself and then inserting the toy. I generally have no discomfort after insertion. Then I usually lie on my bed, with feet flat on the bed and knees raised or with feet together, spread eagle like on the bed.

After a while I start contractions and holds and sometimes, I get what I think are involuntaries. Here is where my questions start. Sometimes they self amplify and the good feelings start to build up. I suppose this is the way I want to go. But more often than not, the feelings dont start to escalate and just subside quite quickly. I begin to have the suspicion that the toy cant properly move around inside me, even though I use a lot of water based lube. With it however, I have to keep relubing from time to time.

My question is, whether anyone has tried to use organic lubes, like coconut oil, in conjunction with waterbased lube. Also, can someone relate my experience to themselves and tell me if I’m on the right track?



  1. I got myself some boy butter and found it waaay more long lasting than water-based lubes. It’s oil based and while it takes a hot minute to ‘melt’ and get properly slick, once it gets lubey it stays lubey for ages. Can last for a couple hours without needing reapplication.

  2. I’m pretty much in the same position you are in, had it for a few months, had maybe 10 or so sessions, will get involuntaries but am not really sure what to do. I try and relax, the involuntaries will happen pretty much right after insertion but all that happens is a few mild pangs of pleasure here or there and nothing more.

  3. I made great progress when I switched from silicone based lube to shea butter. I insert 3 grams shea butter suppositories and then lube the toy also with shea butter and voila!

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