Is this a p wave?

So I got my helix syn two days ago. I’m not new to anal play so it kind of felt great from the start. Today I tried it again. When I stimulate my nipples I get some amazing contractions which soon go into involuntary contractions. It feels great inside. The helix is all over the place.

Today just out of the blue early in, after 15 minutes I just got this amazing wave in my pelvis. It was very very brief but amazingly pleasurable. Spread all over pelvis and abdomen. Made me suddenly shake. Lasted a split second but never the less wass real. Not connected to prostate in location, it was deeper.

Was that a p wave?


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  1. That’s what it sounds like to me. They vary in depth and intensity. You can feel them from your head to your toes or just in your pelvis like you said. I’m glad that you are seeing success in your sessions already.

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