Not Hitting the Spot

Not entirely new to prostate play (wife has been helping with manual stimulation for the past few months). I wanted to see what Aneros was all about, so I ordered a Progasm Jr. I thought the shaped looked like what I wanted. It arrived yesterday and I was excited to give it a go.

Inserted and waited for the magic to begin. I was sitting on the couch relaxed and trying to just experience the sensations. Played with varying muscle contractions.

After an hour or two, I can honestly say it is not really hitting my P-spot. I did find that I can push/pull the P Tab down a half inch or so and get it in the right place, so I think it is just a bit too deep for my anatomy.

I haven’t tried other positions, but I was really hoping for the hands-free pleasure that I have been reading about.

Am I missing something?



  1. I think it is almost certainly hitting your prostate. It takes some time to really acclimate to the sensation. It can be more subtle than even just fingers.

  2. For me different models of aneros made difference. Try other models too

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