Total n00b to all this ass play, but I think im a natural. Did I set some kind of rewiring record?

I had intense euphoria my first use of the Helix syn starting from the first inch being inserted. kept up for an hour plus some minor O’s that took my breath away and made me a clear believer.

Next session a couple days later used a program Jr instead of the helix syn. Dry orgasms started coming repeatedly within 10 minutes of trying different positions. These happened over and over again for over an hour till I couldn’t take anymore. Found some positions paid off more than others.

3rd night the prograsm Jr again. within short order i went from nonstop O’s to full on Super Os that came in waves and made me hope my wife didn’t come downstairs because I looked like I was having seizures while moaning dirty talk to my self like a freak in heat lol. always found porn dirty talk kind of corny but I was talking to myself and the aneros like I was a bitch in heat I was so overwhelmingly turned on. at 45yo, never been this turned on in my life. thinking about nothing but my own body sensations. This goes on for 2 hours, some Super Os leaving me breathless and contorted… it’s exhausting lol.

4th night felt good but didn’t really
stimulate the same for some reason.. no orgasms. wondering if I overdid and numbed things so I took a one day break.

2 night later. it happens! I’m outside in the yard doing a campfire. I start to feel pressure build up like blood is rushing to my anal muscles. I’m just chilling listening to music. Started feeling the prostate tingle but I don’t have the Aneros in… I decide to close my eyes and focus on the p-zone sensations. Jesus I’m glad the family was inside… it only took 60 seconds of just thinking of my prostate, which seems 20x more sensitive than prior to the tool training. I started having standing dry orgsms without the Aneros inserted. not just one but over and over one after another. almost falll over from spazzing out from involuntary ass thrusts. this went on for 10 minutes and my eyes are closed I’m seeing stars trying not to fall over while leaning on a table.
I turn out to have uncontrolabe, falling to the ground, shaking in ecstasy, 5 min long super Os, repeating again and again

It got to the point after over and hour of being incapacitated and floating on cloud 9 I went to try a warm bath for change of scene and honestly to chill back down because I was unable to control what was going on and it was borderline freaking me out.. I had more dry Os one after another in the tub. I got out and put in the Helix to try to satisfy the monkey and was so fucking hot and bothered I was shuddering with orgasms constantly even just inserting the tip. once in place it was 2 hours of non stop, amazing, exhausting extasy. it didn’t matter what position,lying, standing, all fours. every position immediately got be rocking off hard over and over…it wouldn’t stop till I finally jerked off 5 hours later.

I see all these posts of month long and year long trying to get satisfactory results, curious if my experience is still pretty normal or ridiculously enchanted?

has anyone else gone from beginner to spontaneous, debilitating never-ending orgasms- without needing the tool – just by focusing on your prostate within less than a week? it’s almost scary how fast this went from 0-100 !



  1. Definitely ridiculously enchanted!

    I consider myself to be relatively fast, but it still took me almost 8 months to begin to catch a glimpse of the first super-O. And the first few sessions were without orgasms, only a very slight pleasure.

  2. Be mindful good sir! Were I you, I would proceed with extreme caution. There were several dudes (Aneros forums) @ 2015-2015 that started off as you did. They started off on top of the mountain, yet they eventually crashed and burned. Pace yourself or you’ll be sorry.

  3. Congrats man. I am 10 years in and have not yet had a single experience that comes close to this. One day I hope. I’m only 28 and not very consistent with my practice though. I usually end my sessions within 45 minutes due to boredom/fatigue.

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