Urinary urgency during aneros session?

I’m a little new to aneros. I bought mgx trident the other day then once it’s inserted, it always makes me have strong desire to urinate. I heard urinate urgency means you are not stimulating prostate properly or efficiently; urinary caused by bladder stimulation.

Are there any tips to stimulate prostate sufficiently with my mgx? Is this too long for my body?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/gm6gws/urinary_urgency_during_aneros_session/


  1. In my experience, I urinate before a session and limit my fluid intake a bit, so there’s less chance of a need to go. That sensation can also mean you’re hitting your prostate, and it is causing the pressure on your bladder to make you feel like you need to go. Have you tried riding out those feelings of urgency? How long do they last? If I need to urinate, even if I’m in a session, I just walk to the bathroom. I tend to be quite active and mobile, so I understand that doesn’t work for everyone. You know your body best, if you know that you have an empty bladder and still feel that much discomfort, yes, you may want to look into a different model. I wouldn’t give up on that one just yet though. Just try to relax and see if the urgency passes.

  2. Have a session in the bath tub and if you pee ohh well just shower up afterwards.

  3. Obviously make sure you use the bathroom first. Some sense of needing to pee is common when just starting out, but your body will adjust and you won’t get that feeling as much anymore.

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