The ANEROS MAXIMUS TRIDENT is my first aneros device, and although it does feel good inserted, I still have to experience any PO.
I do squeeze and can feel it move slightly inside of me giving me some pleasurable tingle, but no more than this.

What is your experience with the maximum trident massager?
Are there better products out there. Some claim the Progasm is really good.



  1. I recommend browsing on the topics of rewiring, practicing, and other people’s posts on their journeys if you expect it to feel super amazing or getting orgasms from this kind of prostate plays

  2. TBH I feel that those fantasy portraying getting PO at the first time sets poor expectation.

    I feel that for most of the population, it’s something that needs to be worked on and progressively get better.

  3. I know it won’t happen overnight, getting a PO. My reason for asking was, maybe the Progasm is better overall. I do have experience advanced birthday. Large plugs and solids, and real cocks.
    I plan on using my aneros as much as I can, and learn the tricks, from reading from others experiences, and trying out techniques.

  4. I found that I needed to try several different Aneros massagers to see which works best for me. I have 4 now, Helix Classic, MGX Trident, Progasm, and Euphoria Trident. The Progasm seems to be working best for me at this point. Worth every penny based on the pleasure they bring. I know these things are expensive, most sex toys are over priced, but based on the pleasure these things bring, it’s money well spent to me. Enjoy your journey.

  5. Received my Progasm today. I was kinda curious after reading he testimonials about it’d size etc. But when I opened the package, didn’t look that big. I lived up with silicone Lube, and it slid right in, without needing to warm up or anything.
    Now I jusT have to learn the tricks on the rewiring thing.
    I’m prepared A long journey, and a steep learning curve.

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