Helix doesnt have enough movement. Eupho vs Tempo?

Bought a helix trident and have made some head way, but after some experimentation, I think I need a thinner toy with more movement. It is just to bulbous and doesnt have enough movement imo. I think tempo‘s stainless steel will feel awesome and the thin base will allow great movement.

I have read that the eupho is slimmer then the helix and that it moves more.

The only time I have had a p wave was with a plug that had no p tab. The p tab seems to not really matter for me and that is was is making me lean towards the tempo. I also like how small it is.

What do you recommend?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/gn7vh0/helix_doesnt_have_enough_movement_eupho_vs_tempo/