So much pleasure my brain started to hurt

So today I think I experienced the O orgasm, It felt like my body is gonna blow up and at the same time being electrocuted while my body was shaking like crazy. It was really fun but my brain and body started to hurt. After a couple of hours everything is back to normal. How often should I use Aneros? Is it healthy to use everyday?



  1. Use it as often as you like, however taking a break of a day or two between long sessions has been helpful to me. Strengthen your pubic floor with Kegels daily. I also warm up with Kegels before inserting an Aneros before a session.

    I’m an intermediate user and found the Prorgasm is amazing for me. I see progress with most sessions and I’m at the point where I can feel a Super-O is coming. The feelings are so intense, my mind is blown how intense! Just enjoy the ride and enjoy what each session has to give.

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