How can I buy Aneros when I’m in the in South East Asia?

I bought a knockoff in our local online shop, it was still effective, but I want to buy the progasm variant.
The options of Aneros’ shipping is limited to US(?). I can’t input the required shipping address because I can’t pick my country (Philippines).

Is there any other way to buy Aneros? Thank you!

The ultimate and most comprehensive guide to Aneros

After 19 months and a couple of days, I finally made it.

The most crucial step in using the Aneros is identifying the muscles and knowing how to use them. If you don’t know what muscles that you will use, you’re just wasting your time.

The videos below are going to help you find the necessary muscles to use which are:

Anal sphincter
Pelvic floor muscles

(To easily find your pelvic floor muscles try to stop your pee when you’re urinating)

(This video will tell you on what you should do after insertion, he will tell you the downward motion on his pelvis)
( anal sphincter = Kegels)

(Other important details)

After you differentiate what muscles to use try practicing your kegels for a couple of days to strengthen the muscles because it’s hard to contract it when you’re experiencing pleasure


So much pleasure my brain started to hurt

So today I think I experienced the O orgasm, It felt like my body is gonna blow up and at the same time being electrocuted while my body was shaking like crazy. It was really fun but my brain and body started to hurt. After a couple of hours everything is back to normal. How often should I use Aneros? Is it healthy to use everyday?

I feel underwhelmed

I used my Aneros tonight and I failed, So I tried using my dildo and It was pretty good and then I got my first prostate orgasm but I didn’t feel much so I’m a bit underwhelmed

Tips in finding the P spot

I recently thought that I found the p spot but I did not, I felt pleasure because my Anus is unexplored so sometimes penetrating it can make pleasure, Some tips for finding the P spot? And things?

I had my first Super O and my Legs are still quivering

So I had another session today, And It was successful, I can clearly feel my prostate now, I shake so much that it feels like an earthquake, I wish I can do more but I got tired. So I jerked off and a lot of cum came out from my Penis, Goodluck Guys!

Just felt my first P wave yesterday

So I Aneros got delivered yesterday, I got too excited and used it ASAP, And I got my first P wave but it lasted only for 2 seconds, after that I got nothing, and I tried a second session today and I didn’t get any. My dick is twitching involuntary when I contract sometimes, and I continue and It will intensify, is that good?. Give me tips (I’m Asian sorry for my bad Engurlish)