The ultimate and most comprehensive guide to Aneros

After 19 months and a couple of days, I finally made it.

The most crucial step in using the Aneros is identifying the muscles and knowing how to use them. If you don’t know what muscles that you will use, you’re just wasting your time.

The videos below are going to help you find the necessary muscles to use which are:

Anal sphincter
Pelvic floor muscles

(To easily find your pelvic floor muscles try to stop your pee when you’re urinating)

(This video will tell you on what you should do after insertion, he will tell you the downward motion on his pelvis)
( anal sphincter = Kegels)

(Other important details)

After you differentiate what muscles to use try practicing your kegels for a couple of days to strengthen the muscles because it’s hard to contract it when you’re experiencing pleasure




  1. Excellent share
    thank you

    i also discovered this so called “amadashi” technique… seels promising 😘.

  2. Ah I found that same video 3 months ago I’d say it’s best explanation I’ve seen for metals.

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