Need help progressing :)

Hello guys,

So basically every time I get that pleasure mounting and going further ( I do it with only lightly contracting my sphincer muscles and deep breathing, nothing more) I end up with my ass muscles like spasming and then I get nowhere – really dont know what to do once you get there? Then it will eventually build up again once I ‘rest’ for a moment and start again. But still cannot progres further & get something like orgasm feeling or wet orgasm. Must admit it feel very nice and Im pleased so far but maybe theres something extra you need to do?

The position is lying on the bed but in position like you sit cross-legged (but legs not crossing, your feet need to touch each other) . That really changed my progress and pleasure from aneros, so definitely recommend trying if youre still finding your position.

Hope everything is clear but English is not my native language, feel free to ask 🙂



  1. Just to say I’m in this exact same position and it’s been driving me crazy! I have noticed that doing kegal exercises regularly had made feel like I’m getting closer and closer, so maybe that’ll help!

  2. Here’s a couple of things you might try. One is to change your position. My favorites are laying on my back with my legs bent and my feet flat on the bed. Another one is laying on my back with a pillow or three under my ass and my feet flat on the bed. Another thing I’ve learned over the years of using my aneros is to move my pelvis / ass as I have it in. The pillows or bed itself can help with the pressure on all 3 spots – the perineum, the anal entrance and the prostate. I’m more active than many others, but I like to have orgasms. Lots of them. I usually average about 30 incredible mind blowing full body orgasms an hour. And I also have linked my very sensitive nipples to allow me to have several more instant or quick orgasms. As well.If you ever want or need a coach, just let me know

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