Thinking about getting a couple more models.

So I’m 26 and have a helix syn trident and have had some success with it, though I haven’t super-o’d yet I have been making progress.

And now I am wondering about getting a eupho and a progasm, so that I have a short one, a long one and a thick one.

Any further information on where to go from a helix would be helpful. Also tips and tricks for if I get them.

Or should I hold off until I get a super-o from my helix?



  1. The Progasm was a game changer for me. Fucking love that thing. I wish they would make like a Progasm+ that’s just a little thicker for an even fuller feel.

  2. I agree, I’ve made more progress with the Prorgsm than any other model and I own 4.

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