Weird Question: I’m not sure if I experienced a Super-O, or hereditary mental health episode

I think I experienced a Super-O twice, a week apart. I was coming off years of binge drinking, while smoking a lot of weed, and under a lot of stress. No aneros those sessions, it was an extended 1-2 hour perineum massage.

The orgasm was what I dream “euphoria in a pill” feels like, I remember thinking “Oh god I’m dying”, it lasted an unknown period of time, followed by a normal 12+ hour continuous orgasm. Every jolt in the road, or bounce of my leg was like the peak of jerking off the next day. At the peak, my mental image was like a radio beacon in my head I was pouring the spotlight of my conscious awareness into, and it was wired straight into the pleasure center of my loins. I had to work it in stages like priming a pump, and the Super-O worked it’s way up my spine to my head before peaking. I hadn’t jerked off or used weed for a week leading up to this, and had used a moderate (for lowered tolerance) edible to enhance the massage.

In the two years following, I’ve never experienced anything like it again despite trying.


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  1. You Temporarily triggered kundalini energy to flow from your pelvic area all the way through your skull. It’s an interesting experience but can be totally overwhelming if you are unprepared or don’t want this. I’d really love to hear more details

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