Another “Best Session Ever!”

I find it so amazing that, once rewired, my sessions seem to get better and better. After each session I find myself thinking that it just couldn’t possibly get any more amazing, and then the next session blows me away. Yesterday was a case in point.

After a warm shower and clean-up I start my sessions with my supplement stack. About an hour prior I take Horny Goat Weed, L-Argenine, and Yohimbe. I spend the next hour building arousal with some porn videos and a little light fapping, while smoking a bowl or two of good weed. Then I pre-lube with a couple of home-made coconut oil suppositories.

I have a pair of really nice suction cup dildos, small (4.5″) and large (6.5″) with prostate positive curves and bulbous heads. Yesterday I decided to warm up with the small size. I placed it on a chair and rode it while watching some m/f anal porn, and for the first time had three mini-orgasms from my little friend. Each O was accompanied by big droplets of precum, and the sight of them dripping off my cock onto the floor had me ready for the main event.

I moved to the bed and inserted my Eupho Trident. I like to switch between my various Aneros models during my sessions, and usually start with the Eupho, then move up in size to the Helix, and finally the Programs Ice or the nJoy pFun. Yesterday the Eupho started giving me p-waves within a minute or two.

I use poppers. I know, they are not good for me. I hate the side effects. But they are definitely the key to my success. It is as if the popper hit peels away a layer of reality and drops me into a much deeper level of relaxation than I can achieve without them, and also gives me much more sensitivity to the subtle feelings from my prostate. I use the sip-cup method to get powerful hits without using too much of the poppers. Yesterday the first hit with the Eupho already working well drove me into my first strong prostate O.

I had several great POs with the Eupho, and several more with the Helix, but the Progasm was the money shot! I had barely inserted it when the first PO hit, immediately followed by another, then another, each building on the last. A final popper hit triggered a super-O that just went on and on forever. I was literally writhing on the bed, uttering gibberish in between moans and screams of pleasure. As the super-O started to ease off I thought that it was the best I’ve ever felt, and I forced myself to relax into the fading orgasm. As so often happens, that relaxing into the feelings triggered another, even more intense orgasm. This one left me quivering and sobbing/laughing on the bed.

Remembering the great little orgasms I had from the little dildo at the start of the session, I pulled out the Programs and switched to the big end of my nJoy wand. I started stroking, matching my movements to that of the girl in the video who was giving POV cowgirl anal in VR on my Occulas Go headset. Almost immediately I had two or three powerful anal orgasms. My anal canal was clamping down on the wand, and pushing the wand against that drove me over the edge into another place entirely. I started masturbating, and had the best traditional orgasm I can remember.

Yes, best ever session… until the next one.



  1. 15 years into my journey and I am still have amazing sessions that seem to get better and better. I think the secret is that each session is like a unique experience, almost like it always the first time.

  2. Ok thanks. I think you described it once before, but just wanted clarification.

    I had a pretty bad chemical burn from poppers once. I was in a gay bar in New Orleans and found some poppers. I got a superb blowjob from this guy. I was super drunk and hitting the poppers from an awkward position. I kept spilling a little here and there. I had to grow a mustache to hide it.

    But oh my god the blowjob was out of this world. He sucked me for about an hour. I lost count of how many times I came. He never stopped, swallowed everything. I had to stop him to take a little break. I went to the bar had another beer. Then I went to find him again and popped of another couple times. I think it was worth it.

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