Vice 2 Size (discomfort)

Recently (around 6 months ago) bought an Aneros Helix trident and have had great success so far, with each session generally getting closer to a Super-o, with the help of a THC vape – feels like I’m always just about there before the feelings disappear and they start to build again. Constant involuntary shaking, clenching and waves etc I’m happy to stick at it and see where I get.

I decided to purchase a Vice 2 thinking I’d prefer something bigger and to experiment with the vibrations – browsed the range and figured it would do the job! No prior experience with prostate massage but wasn’t scared off by the additional size.

I’ve now probably tried the Vice 2 a couple, maybe three times but once it’s in all the way I find it’s a little uncomfortable, not terrible pain or anything but enough to stop me being able to relax fully – changing positions is noticeably worse. No problems at all inserting it, but once it slides into place it’s like a slightly sharp pain which feels like it’s overshooting or just hitting a tender spot.

Has anyone experienced this? And is this something that your body acclimatises to eventually, or am I just gonna have to take the hit and stick with the helix. Could just be the wrong shape for me.


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  1. Not every toy is going to work for everyone. I find my most pleasurable moments in my play sessions to be in the first 30 minutes while I’m using smaller toys. I think it’s natural to always want to go bigger and I’m in that boat.

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