Helix Trident too small

I purchased my Helix Trident a month ago and have used it a few times over way weekend. From the get go I found the size underwhelming and between sessions found my fingers could consistently hit my prostate directly compared to it.

I ordered my Progasm and it’s just arrived today and seeing the difference in size seems like night and day of what I’ve wanted to enjoy for prostate massages. Excited to use this tomorrow

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/gwu0fe/helix_trident_too_small/

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  1. I upgraded to a Progasm from a Helix and MGX, and made so much progress with it. Love the full feeling and it sure does hit the right spot – no question. I also ordered the Eupho because it is just as long. Just started using it as well. It’s so thin and light that you almost don’t notice that it’s in. Anyway the Eupho is for experts and I’m not quite there yet. I think it’s well worth the investment to try several models and see which works best for you. Have fun!

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