Late night lockdown sessions

So with the lockdown I have had no privacy and therefore no ability to get down and dirty with some anal play. My usual anal session never really included the aneros but now that my only option is to have late night sessions in bed I’m back to giving it a go.

My basic understanding is that I use kegal exercises to move the aneros to stimulate my prostate but back when I used it fairly often (over a year ago now), I never really felt anything. I’m going through posts here to see what others experiences are and really want to get back to it.

I have an aneros helix syn, does anyone have advice for using it while in bed and should I buy another version if the syn isn’t working for me?



  1. Here is a good link which is a copy from the Aneros forum. Currently the original url does not work but this is a copy of the post that has good information to help you start. [Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O](

  2. Involuntary contractions control the Aneros. True involuntary contractions, not the supposed involuntary contractions that are induced by Kegels. Quick and Dirty Path to the Super O won’t yield consistent, long term results.

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